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Volunteer to Help Carol Dooley

One of the great things about a policitcal campaign is that you meet a lot of people - both the people that are part of your team and the many other people you meet at public events, while walking in neighborhoods, etc.

There are lots of ways to help. Signs are a big part of any campaign, and if you can host a sign in your yard, we'd be happy to put one in when it's time (and of course remove it later!). We'll need help delivering and picking up signs, too.

If you would like to host a neighborhood get-together of any size, Carol would be happy to attend and answer questions and hear about the concerns affecting your neighborhood.

Donations are always appreciated, but if you can't donate, your time is certainly a welcome asset. For more information about getting involved, click here to send e-mail, or contact Carol by mail at:

Committee to Elect Carol Dooley
536 Miami Club Court
Mishawaka, IN 46544


Paid for by Committee to Elect Carol Dooley, David Bent, Treasurer