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Welcome to the Carol Dooley News Room!  Here's recent press coverage of Carol's election and candidacy:

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  • Pemberton, Dooley to lead council in '03
    (South Bend Tribune 2003/1/7)
    MISHAWAKA--[Article describes Carol Dooley's election to the position of Vice President of the Mishwaka Common Council]
  • Mishawaka council members see some gains
    (South Bend Tribune 2002/9/9)
    MISHAWAKA--[Article describes the attempts by Carol Dooley and other council members to improve neighborhoods and solve problems such as poorly maintained properties.]
  • Beutter: Good service, good government is good politics
    (South Bend Tribune 1999/12/12)
    SOUTH BEND--"I never used to have to stand in line to be sworn in," Mishawaka Mayor Robert C. Beutter quipped Saturday as he waited behind fellow Republicans taking oaths of office as Common Council members.
  • Neighborhood concerns aired
    (South Bend Tribune 1999/12/05)
    MISHAWAKA--A developer is working with city officials to build a pharmacy on Lincoln Way East, and some preservationists are concerned about the fate of historic buildings there.
  • Mishawaka election may affect appointed boards
    (South Bend Tribune 1999/11/14)
    MISHAWAKA--John Roggeman, school board vice president, received a phone call on the evening of the city election to tell him that Republicans had won control of the Common Council.
  • Democrats in Mishawaka explain losses
    (South Bend Tribune 1999/11/07)
    MISHAWAKA--Today marks the 125th anniversary of the elephant as the symbol of the Republican Party.
  • GOP's Lentsch to fill vacancy left by Wood
    (South Bend Tribune 1999/11/07)
    MISHAWAKA--Matthew Lentsch has been selected to fill the final two months of the late Marvin Wood's term as an at-large member of the Common Council.
  • Three women on council is record
    (South Bend Tribune 1999/11/07)
    MISHAWAKA--A record was set Nov. 2 when three women were elected to the Common Council.
  • Students have a hand in political process
    (South Bend Tribune 1999/11/04)
    Jill Bavar, a senior at Community Baptist Christian School in South Bend, was wrapped up in a blanket, trying to protect herself as much as possible from the cold and rain on election day.
  • GOP gains majority on Mishawaka council
    (South Bend Tribune 1999/11/03)
    MISHAWAKA--"We've got a majority on the council for the first time in a million years!" Republican council member William Pemberton exclaimed.
  • Political change possible on council
    ELECTION '99
    (South Bend Tribune 1999/10/31)
    MISHAWAKA--Democrats and Republicans will be watching Tuesday to see how the politics on the Common Council will change.
  • At-large candidates speak on issues
    (South Bend Tribune 1999/10/24)
    MISHAWAKA--Neighborhoods, public safety and the "brain drain" of college students not returning to Mishawaka topped the list of issues among the six at-large Common Council candidates.
  • Mishawaka At-Large district race
    (South Bend Tribune 1999/10/24)
  • Pemberton Unopposed for Mishawaka's 3rd District Seat, South Bend Tribune, August 6, 1999
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